You used to be my every little thing.
You were my milky way,
My moon, my sunshine, you made my life gay,
And now you’re nothing.

Don’t hate me for moving on,
After all the pain that you’ve caused me
I’ve finally opened up my eyes, and now I see
That you never loved me, I reckon.

Seeing you again is the last thing I’d want,
So stop bugging me and just leave.
There’s nothing you can do now, but sigh, heave
Because forgiving you, I just can’t.

And if you ever see me somewhere,
I recommend you just go ahead and flee
For your face is a sight I loathe to see
So don’t you even dare!

By the way, I’ve told all your friends what you really are
A scumbag, a douche, most of all a phony.
No, don’t think that I’d ever feel sorry
Remember, it was you who gave my heart a scar.

Lastly, there’s something I need you to know.
I’m better and stronger,
You can’t ruin my life now, not ever.
I can no longer stoop on your level, it’s just too low.

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