Living in this era, it’s hard to abnegate myself from worldly things. Temptation is everywhere, and denying me from one is not that easy. This generation is a cohort of people with crab mentality. Sadly, it triumphs over selflessness.

However, if you don’t mind being the underdog and be selfless, it’s not really that hard. In fact, it’s easier than being egocentric. One is not required to do a massive change in the domain to consider him as noble. Great things start from small ones. One simple act makes the world a difference.

I couldn’t really tell you anything about a time when I was being selfless, because with selflessness comes humility. If I tell you about an instance I was noble, I think that it would lose its essence. I don’t even consider myself as self-sacrificing, because when I do things, anything, I don’t think of myself as being unselfish. I just do whatever it is that I think is right, and I’m not being prude or anything.

Maybe I’ve done such selfless acts in my life, but for the past few days that I’ve been drilling my mind about it, not one thing popped into my mind. So, maybe I could tell you about my ultimate dream that, I think, involves selflessness in a hope to save the future generation.

My heart goes out for kids, especially the less fortunate, the street children to be precise. I want to help in educating them the basics of life like reading, writing, math, and of course, values. I don’t have the money to build an orphanage or send one to school, but that’s one of my dreams. It might take me a lifetime before I could build a small school for them, so I’d settle for less, for now.

I want to be able to build their dreams, give them hope, and guide them to the right path. I am disgusted whenever I see parents pleading for money in the busy and filthy streets tagging their little kids with them! That is a sight I always dread, and I hope to one day help in resolving that issue in one way or another.

I adore who people who have big and kind hearts, who go out of their ways to educate the less fortunate, and one day, I know I will join them in their drive to save the kids from their unknown future.

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